Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Community Pioneers

We are thrilled to announce that Mycosortia has achieved the prestigious recognition of becoming one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers. Hello Tomorrow, a prominent French organization, stands at the forefront of accelerating science and technology entrepreneurship on a global scale. Since its inception in 2011, Hello Tomorrow has tirelessly pursued its mission to facilitate the convergence of top-tier researchers, visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and financiers. Their overarching goal is to nurture the birth of innovative companies capable of addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges.

The selection of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers is a meticulous process overseen by a panel of distinguished industry experts, scientists, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Being acknowledged as a Deep Tech Pioneer signifies that Mycosortia has earned recognition as one of the most promising startups in the field of deep tech to date. This prestigious distinction opens doors for Mycosortia, granting us year-round access to exclusive opportunities within the Hello Tomorrow community, enabling invaluable networking with experts, venture capitalists (VCs), and corporate venture capitalists (CVCs). Furthermore, Mycosortia is now in contention for both the current Global Challenge and the APAC Challenge.

Mycosortia intends to leverage the advantages provided by Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech community to forge partnerships with some of the world’s largest deep tech organizations. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to bring about positive transformations on our planet by offering sustainable solutions to address food side streams generated by the food manufacturing industry.

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