Mycosortia was featured by Straits Times

We are glad that Mycosortia was featured by The Straits Times together with other two starups, Prefer and Meatiply. Please click HERE to find more.

Apart from #cultivated#proteins#upcycling may also drive #food#sustainability in Singapore.

#Alternativeproteins can reduce the impact of global warming. However, upcycled foods take it one step further by also reducing food wastage and costs.

Due to their cost-effectiveness, upcycled food products via #fermentation might enter the market rapidly.

Mycosortia upcycled Okara, a byproduct of soymilk, to clean label food ingredients, FibProtTM. We aim to bring our FibProtTM derived food products to the market this year. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the featuring, Timothy Goh.

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