Transforming food waste to high-value ingredients

Our Mission

About 1/3 of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, corresponding to about 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year. Mycosortia would like to reduce such food wastage using our proprietary microbial biotransformation technology.

Our mission is to unlock the nutritional value of food side streams, reduce food wastage, and provide high-value green-labeled functional food ingredients.


Fiber bioconversion via microbial consortia biotransformation technology.


No chemicals and commercial enzymes, less water, less land, and zero- waste process.


Functional protein, natural food emulsifiers, plant-based dairy and egg substitutes.

Functional Protein FibProtTM

Okara is a byproduct from soymilk and tofu industries. It contains more than 80% of water and its dry matter contains about 20-35 % of protein and other nutrients. Every year, more than 10 million tons of okara is produced globally. About 20% of okara is used as animal feed or compost. However, majority of okara is discarded due to its high content of fiber and bad mouthfeel.

Mycosortia converts okara to a high-value ready-to-eat functional protein FibProtTM using our proprietary biotransformation technology. The fiber mouthfeel is completely removed.

Applications of FibProtTM

Functional protein

High protein content, good binding capacity, umami taste, meat analogue formulation, texture and taste modifier

Natural emulsifier

Good water and oil holding capacity, fantastic emulsifying effects, egg and dairy substitute

Functional food

High-content of dietary fiber, low calorie content, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, functional food ingredient

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