Incubation at Life Science Incubator

With the pre-seed fund provided by Big Idea Ventures (BIV), Mycosortia is incubated at Life Science Incubator (LSI).

During our incubation at LSI, we developed our functional protein powder, FibProtTM, out of okara, the byproduct of tofu and soymilk manufacturers. The fiber mouthfeel of okara was completed removed, making FibProtTM a high-value functional food ingredient that can be incorporated in many food products.

FibProtTM with varied flavor

Besides its high protein content, FibProtTM has multiple functionalities. It has very good binding capacity and gelling effects, therefore can be used in meat analogue formulation. In addition, it has an umami taste, in particular after being mixed with other food ingredients and cooked, functioning as a taste and texture enhancer.

Protein cookies incorporated without (left) and with (right) FibProtTM

In addition, FibProtTM has good water and oil holding capacity. It is an ideal natural food emulsifier. It can be incorporated in food products as an egg and dairy substitute. It mixes very well with other food ingredients, such as polysaccharides and proteins, forming very stable food emulsions, such as protein shakes.

Stable protein shakes incorporated with FibProtTM

Furthermore, FibProtTM presents a series of health benefits. It has very low content of calories with high content of dietary fiber and protein. It is also gluten free. It is a good food ingredient for low-GI and low-calories food formulation. In addition, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is therefore an ideal functional food ingredient.

Besides okara, our technology can also be applied in the upcycling other food side streams, such as wheat bran, coffee grounds, palm kernel cake, and spent barley grains etc. We are currently working on wheat bran too.

Although we are happy with incubation at LSI, in order to provide more FibProtTM samples to our potential customers for testing and prototyping, Mycosortia is moving out of LSI in Jan 2023. We will build a small pilot-scale facility for test-bedding our manufacturing process, implementing good manufacturing practice, and producing FibProtTM in the kilogram scale.

We are very grateful to BIV for the pre-seed fund and LSI for the incubation space. Without their support, it would have not been possible to make the progress to-date.

Moving forward, we look forward to collaborating with more strategic partners. You could be our investor, potential raw material supplier, or potential B2B customer. If you are interested in joining our journey, feel free to contact us at

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