Innovate 360 Cohort 22/23 Demo Day at Local Farm Festival

We are pleased to participate Innovate 360 Cohort 22/23 Demo Day today at Local Farm Festival held at 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks.

The event was conducted as part of the Local Farm Festival and Minister Grace Fu was the Guest of Honor. For the first time, we met her in person.

In the event, we also made a 3 min pitch and met investors, peer startups, local food companies, local farmers, and people from government agencies and institutions. It is quite an enjoyable event and a good networking activity.

Today’s Demo Day marked a very important milestone for Mycosortia. For the first time, we have allowed visitors to taste our products derived from upcycled okara.

Mycosortia works on the upcycling of okara to high-value food ingredient, FibProtTM, which has good emulsifying and gelling properties besides its nutritional values.

On the Demo Day, we displayed our functional protein powder FibProtTM, protein cookies and mayonnaise. For both, FibProtTM was used as an egg substitute.  

The protein cookies are vegan and gluten free. They contain 20% of proteins. Each cookie is about 15 g and contains 3 g protein, which is almost equivalent to the amount of proteins in 100 ml of milk.

Visitors are allowed to taste our protein cookies in the event. The feedbacks were generally positive. The cookies are soft and chewy, sweet and delicious. The fiber mouthfeel of okara was completely removed.

We are actively developing more food products out of FibProtTM. Do look out and more food prototypes can be tasted in the upcoming pitching events in next few months.

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